The YouTuber Boxing Match of the Year Draws Nearer

A month ago, Logan Paul, the famous YouTuber whose career somehow seemed to recover after a suicide forest stunt opened a YouTube vlog with a statement that said:

“A lot of people who are not in the YouTube community think this fight is a joke,” he said. “All jokes aside, this will be the biggest event in the history of the internet.”

His brother, Jake Paul later echoed the sentiment saying that the fight was going to be the “biggest internet event in history.” Both Logan and Jake Paul have been busy promoting their upcoming boxing matches against counterparts Deji and KSI.

Now as the date of the boxing match draws nearer, the hype is beginning to mount on the much-anticipated headline fight between KSI and Logan Paul that will see them finally square off to settle their beef. In fact, the first official press release has already been held. The two YouTuber’s brother’s Deji and Jake Paul will be part of an undercard event, making the whole event an undoubtedly massive event.

Many Records to Be Broken

Combined, the YouTuber’s channels boast of approximately 60 million subscribers. This added to all the hype that has been building up around the event over the past few months, the viewership of the event is probably going to shatter the previous live stream viewing records.

KSI and Logan Paul have already faced up to each other in a previous press conference in which KSI was the clear winner – Logan Paul had to walk out of the press conference after being subjected to a barrage of insults from his opponent. The August 25 boxing match will go down in Manchester and will be streamed live to their followers from all over the world.

A Pay-Per-View Event

KSI recently posted the official link to the boxing match stream but fans were not impressed with the move as the link required them to pay an $8 access fee. This sparked controversy mostly because it was unexpected – the first YouTube boxing match, that KSI also happened to be a part of was free to stream for the millions of viewers who watched it.

Following fan outrage, KSI took to Twitter to justify the decision citing such factors as the costs of running such a high-profile event. He also pointed out that compared to the case of the first YouTube boxing match, the costs would definitely be much higher hence the fee. Furthermore, according to KSI, the pay-per-per view fee that is being charged for this particular fight is much lower than what is charged in other events.

“Just wanted to address those asking why we’re charging to see the fight.

The cost of the event itself is on another level to last time. Plus, the press conferences, weigh-in and making other content for the new channel, all adds up

We want to make this as big an experience as possible for everyone watching, without cutting corners.

We’re keeping the pay per view price purposely low compared to other events and looking to give as good value as we can,” KSI’s tweets read.


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