Are Online Casinos Rigged?

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There is no way around it: casinos are mathematically biased. Our assumptions are based on the fact that the house will provide income in the long run.

But does that mean they’re rigged?

Every single game offered by the casino has a built-in mathematical advantage for the house. This aspect of the game is referred to as the “house advantage”, and it has a significant correlation to the Return to Player (RTP) percentage.

“Why are online casinos rigged this way?” you might ask. Well, just because a casino has a house advantage does not mean that it has been rigged. Games on modern websites are protected from tampering by a combination of randomization and top-notch security and encryption techniques.

Let’s take a look at how that affects you…

Why the RTP Is Important?

Naturally, games with a high return to player (RTP) percentage tend to be the most profitable options for players.

The higher the RTP value; the more of your waged money you will win back given enough time.

This is crucial because it reveals the realistic potential for long-term monetary gain when gambling. A high return to player (RTP) rate is one indicator of fair play and a guarantee of continued business for reputable online casinos.


The volatility of a bet is a measure of its risk-reward ratio. The more ‘volatile’ a bet, the higher the reward and subsequently risk of losing.

If you have a modest bankroll, stick to low-volatility titles.

If you have a sizable bankroll, you may take on games with a higher level of volatility in the hopes of larger payouts.

We will now take a look at some of the games that you might be playing in the casinos:

How Player Cards Are Rigged Online

Games based on the dealing of cards, such as poker, are known for their high degree of volatility since it is impossible to predict what will occur when the next card is dealt. It is conceivable for players to utilize bots and heads-up displays (HUDs) that count the cards.

Any licensed online casinos with a long-standing reputation will not engage in rigged activity outside of setting a transparent RTP and volatility value. That is why it is imperative to only play in casinos that you can trust.

Although the policies surrounding these tools may differ from one casino to the next, it is common knowledge that using them is frowned upon. To their credit, online card rooms frequently have 3rd parties audit their random number generators and other systems to try to clamp down on blatant instances of cheating.

Are Online Casino Slots Rigged?

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Modern RNGs are created with the most secure and reliable components available, making them impossible to hack. There is no way, regardless of the circumstance, to manipulate modern online slot machines. While it’s true that RNGs can’t be completely random since people design and build them, it’s not possible to influence them in any meaningful way.

Cases exist where players have manipulated slot machine outcomes by exploiting bugs in the software. This is a very rare occurrence. There is no way, in principle, to manipulate the outcomes of games played on online slot machines. To put it simply, it was a lucky coincidence. If someone were to use a quantum computer to crunch the data, they may discover a pattern in what seems to be complete and utter randomness. The cost-benefit analysis still shows it’s not a good idea. Moreover, slot machines are always evolving and they will only get more resistant to such tactics over time.

Is Online Casino Roulette Rigged?

Despite the impossibility of any human predicting the outcome of a single roulette spin, you wouldn’t be blamed for thinking that online casino live roulette tables are rigged. However, the RNG software used by trustworthy online casinos ensures this is the case for their roulette games. The outcomes are thus guaranteed to be as random and unpredictable as possible.

Unreliable websites, however, are a different beast. When it comes to an online casino, electronic roulette rigged more greedily towards the house is not a new thing; it is precisely why you should never play on an unlicensed or unreviewed casino that isn’t transparent about its RTP values.

No matter how much you may believe you’ve detected a pattern, the next outcome is always unpredictable. It is possible, albeit exceedingly unlikely, for the ball to fall on the same number on many spins. That said, if you see a trend over the course of multiple spins, you should chalk it up to luck rather than any kind of rigging or thinking that the online casino is rigged.

Live Roulette Tables

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A higher level of trust may be placed in live dealer roulette games compared to their computerized counterparts. It’s significantly more difficult to alter a live game than to sneak corrupt code into an invisible game algorithm. There are usually dozens of players watching at once, and you can see what the dealer is doing.

There is no need to worry about rigging while playing roulette at a reputable land-based casino or when participating in a live dealer roulette game at a legitimate and registered online casino. While the house will have an advantage, your experience will still be secure and fair.

How Is Online Casino Blackjack Rigged Against Players?

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The fundamental component of any online blackjack game is the RNG software. It makes it difficult to rig the games since it assures that every single one of them is absolutely fair, randomized, and unpredictable. Most importantly, the casinos don’t need to rig online blackjack games for profit. The games are exciting precisely because the chances are so high of winning.

For the most part, the house advantage in digital blackjack games ranges from 0.5% to 2%. The variance may be based on how well you play the game. Players with greater levels of expertise in blackjack have a better chance of landing close to the lower percentage. On the other hand, the greater proportion is more reflective of the experience level of the typical online blackjack player.

Online Automatic Card Shufflers – Are Casino Player Cards Rigged?

Automatic card shufflers are designed to be completely random, but one of the risks one has to take into account when playing online is that with any casino, automatic card shuffler (rigged) possibilities will always be present, and so players should reduce the chances of being taken advantage of with maliciously formulated cards by always playing on verifiably reputable online casinos with third party RNG (random number generator) certification.

What This Means for Online Gambling?

The house always wins in casinos, as is common knowledge. Clearly, that’s not what people mean when they talk about rigging in the gaming business. Although regulars are well aware that the house always wins in the long run, it doesn’t stop them from enjoying the games.

To avoid any potential hassles, players should stick to legitimate gambling establishments. Being licensed and controlled eliminates any possibility of them being fixed. The best platforms also undergo frequent game audits and include releases from the most reputable studios. You may learn even more about the sites you are thinking about by reading reviews and participating in gambling forums.