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We understand that an important part of playing casino games for real money is having fun and the best way to test this is to try it yourself. This is why we always keep our lists updated every week with the no deposit casino bonus for each site so you are always presented with the top offer to give you that initial boost at the start.

What makes our list reliable?

Our team of casino experts work around the clock to keep all our online casino reviews accurate so that we only list sites that you can play on with 100% confidence.

Top Online Casinos in July:

All payout rates are verified daily and terms will apply so see the casino for more information.

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Triple Security Checks

Playing on any iGaming service, let alone real money casinos, will no doubt make you question different security aspects. At, we are so confident that we can guarantee our list of casino games are 100% safe and secure to play on. Our online casino experts have been active since 2009, constantly updating and testing criteria which we believe make up the ultimate secure online casino.

Here’s a (heavily) simplified snippet of our rigorous ranking process:


1. Security Checks

A rigorous set of security checks are carried out to ensure it is a secure online casino with the latest technologies to prevent any potential threats. As a bare minimum all listed sites have SSL site encryption.


2. Deposit & Communicate

After a site has passed our initial checks, we review and thoroughly test all the deposit methods available to ensure they are safe and secure. This is why we can promise all your details are handled with care and are in safe, regulated hands.


3. Withdraw Winnings

We also try out all the withdrawal methods the casino supports. As well as having secure options, all of our listed online casinos have been confirmed to honor their payouts with integrity at the best rates and speed.

Real Money Casinos – How to Play

Regardless of your experience, getting started on any top real money casino is incredibly easy especially with the help of our casino experts to guide you through. Each of our comprehensive online casino reviews go through the journey of playing on the site so most of the information you’ll need will be on there. We’re confident our reviews reflect an accurate experience of the casino so for the majority of the time you’ll be able to decide whether or not it is right for you just from reading.

The first thing you need to do is to open a real money account with your chosen casino above:

1. CREATE your account – simply fill out the required fields on the registration form on a casino’s signup page which usually includes personal information for identification purposes to prevent fraud.

2. SECURELY deposit funds – next you will need to deposit your first batch of funds into your new account to claim your casino welcome bonus by selecting your choice of payment method.

3. Jump in and PLAY – when the payment goes through and your in-game balance updates, you’ll be able to play any real money casino game on the platform, switch between them, and cash out your winnings!

Download vs No Download Casinos

Most online casinos will be run software that require players to download the casino to their computer before they can be used which although will generally allow for a wider variety of games, requires a compatible device—for some games of which require Flash—Mac users may not be able to access. There are benefits and disadvantages to both but as long as they’re one of the ones we’ve given the green light – they are both equally safe to play on.

No Download Casinos are also known as ‘instant-play’ or ‘browser-based’ casinos as players have a minimal download time which is great if you have a limited data plan and want to avoid a large initial download but these days online casino installations are packed quite small anyway as to not eat into your internet data plan much at all. On the other hand browser-based casinos will require an internet connection

“But will I get hacked?”

There is this long-standing myth that anything internet-based or conversely anything that isn’t always connected to the internet can be hacked easier than the other. The truth is both methods can have roughly an equal chance of getting hacked but if the online casino integrates solid security (note: which they don’t always do) and takes the appropriate measurements to support their security architecture with effective guards and regulated ‘fair play’ systems, you (and your funds) have as much to worry about as hackers breaking into your city’s bank vault with a hammer.

It just won’t happen.

As we’ve mentioned though, it can happen to unregulated or sub-par online casino outfits which is why you should always do your homework before playing on a casino or go by the word of experts like us who know exactly what to look for and what to avoid in a safe online casino.

Independent Casino Rankings

With over 8+ years of experience, our in-house team of casino experts have developed an independent ranking system for which puts us at the forefront of the industry. These real money casino rankings are based on our own unique formula of what makes up a great casino and are indicative of where we think you’ll have the most fun and rewarding experience.

Rick McKenna
Rick McKenna Avionics Investor

I’ve used your site for years (usually for sign-up bonuses) and from one hobbyist slots player to another, it’s been wonderful seeing your operation grow.

Best Real Money Casinos of 2024

As well as our monthly real money casino listing above, we also list our favorite places to play online casino games and win real money. These are our all-time picks which contain a mixture of the best no deposit casinos, online casino games, instant withdrawal casinos and much more.

Real Money vs. Play Money Casinos

Simply put, ‘play money’ also known as ‘free money’ casino games allow players to play with virtual and fake currency, no different than playing real life poker with matchsticks and then giving it all back after the session, except online. ‘Real money’ casino games on the other hand are just that – you put real money forward and have the potential to grow it with no limit or lose the initial deposit while still having a good time.

Is real money risky? Yes, but here’s why millions of players enjoy it…

If you’re an absolutely new player it can be intimidating to play with real money but we can guarantee it won’t be anything like what you see on TV with players pushing a tower of chips in the middle only to lose what others consider a small lottery jackpot or college fund.

Real money casino games can be played with friends and penny-stakes and can be equally as exhilarating as games with higher amounts at stake. If you’re just starting out and just want to get a feel for it, play money casinos can be a great way to dip your toes in an ocean of the same lights, sounds and virtual atmosphere as their real money counterparts has to offer. So, you may be asking, why do people play real money casinos if they can just use fake money?

You can’t buy your next wardrobe with Zynga Coins.

While this tongue-in-cheek remark is true, on a more applicable level, a part of the thrill of real money gambling vs. play money is the fact that it is indeed real money, and so games have a deeper sensory experience and attachment. However close play money games get to being like the real thing, it will never replace real money casinos.

Can you imagine a player on the blackjack table spending 8 hours accumulating their winnings of over $4 million dollars, only to voluntarily hand it back over to the doorman as they leave the casino?

Alternatively, players can deposit a small amount, spend all of it and be perfectly content with their real money casino experience by treating it like an enjoyable trip to the theatre or watching a small sports event where it similarly wouldn’t be an unpleasant experience even after parting with their initial investment.

Play money casinos however can present an unavoidable problem which is that for some players, they will play as loose as a baby gorilla in a ball pit simply because they’re not using their own money. In their minds it’s free “so why not bet it all and try to win BIG?”.

But the truth is this:

Wherever you play (not just play money casinos) there will be those select few that will try to ruin the game by playing whichever two cards they are dealt, not giving any nuance to the session and essentially throwing every game. This happens a little more in play-money games but is still present in real money and even professional casino games, too. Because it happens regardless of which you choose, it is one of the reasons why we feel that in our experience if you want to build real strategic experience it is best to play with real money.

Worried about risking your real money? Everyone does. Here’s what you do:

If you’re just starting out, keep the stakes incredibly low but we recommend trying both play money AND real money so you can see the difference for yourself. After a few hours you’ll probably already agree that there is a clear difference in the experience of the two even if you’re comparing across different online casinos and play money sites / apps.

When you come across games with a low buy-in, that can occasionally open up opportunities for low experience “fish” to waltz in and play without worry about losing a bit of cash but it’s a scenario that with more experience you may grow to enjoy discovering and playing around as even in the higher levels you will still come across players that simply don’t think for hands or plays loosely

Know your Deposit Options

Different casinos will offer different methods to deposit your funds. There isn’t much to this except to be wary that different casinos will offer different options to deposit money and not always the same methods to withdraw so read our reviews and check your preferred deposit options are available at the casino of your choice.

As far as security goes, if a casino you’re playing on isn’t well-known or established and only offers strange deposit options we would steer clear of those casinos altogether though these are few and far between.

Our best advice is to avoid the chance of that altogether by only playing from the list of casinos we recommend every week because deposit options are one of the many facets we scrutinize and we are obsessed with security so you don’t have to be.


Every new player has questions so don’t be afraid to ask away unless they’re already answered below from the many times our experts have already been asked.

Among our daily dealings we’ve had the fortune to bring on board ex poker and blackjack professionals as consultants as well as being in the industry for over 80 years collectively with this site running for almost the last decade.

So bring on the questions! You’re in good hands here.

Are all online casinos legal?

Absolutely not. That’s why it is so crucial that you do your due diligence in researching everything you can about the potential online casino that you wish to join. The best way to start is by reading our in-depth reviews of our recommended sites, all of which are completely legal and safe to play at.

Is it safe to gamble on real money casinos?

Again, much like the above question, it really depends on the individual casinos. Not everyone one is safe, even if they are legal. However, one thing that can guarantee you that the site you’re playing on IS safe is by sticking with our list of recommended sites. Not only are all our listed sites highly reputable and been tested and recognized by the industry’s most credible authorities, we have personally played and tested them endlessly.

Can I play on my mobile devices?

Of course you can! That’s actually a “must have” feature for any casino that hopes to make it onto our exclusive list of the top real money casinos. Given today’s busy lifestyle, we understand the importance of convenience, and nothing offers players more convenience than being able to play their favorite casino game right from the portable mobile device that they can carry with them everywhere.

Where can i find the best bonuses?

The best place to start would be at our no deposit bonus page. There you’ll find the best and most trustworthy casino sites that offer no-deposit bonuses. There really is no better way to start than using free money given to you by the casino!

Will gameplay always be fair?

Although we always try to keep our information updated and accurate, we are not legal experts and this site should only be used as a source of opinion and guide that supplements information gathered from your official state or council. If you seek legal advice it should be obtained from a legal professional, not us.

If you’re seeking help for gambling addiction, please approach the appropriate organisations for free advice and government-backed assistance or start by visiting any of the site we’ve researched and encourage here.

Although we always try to keep our information updated and accurate, we are not legal experts and this site should only be used as a source of opinion and guide that supplements information gathered from your official state or council. If you seek legal advice it should be obtained from a legal professional, not us.

If you’re seeking help for gambling addiction, please approach the appropriate organisations for free advice and government-backed assistance or start by visiting any of the site we’ve researched and encourage here.

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