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Craps, like other table games, is an interesting game every player needs to learn. Though this is a game of chance, you can master it quickly and become a pro craps player. There are no specific Craps strategy attached to playing craps to win.

However, there are best practices you can use to better your odds in this game. This article consists of the best strategies you can apply whenever you want to crack this table game.

Usually, the best strategies are linked to choosing bet types with the lowest house edge.

Find out other ways to always shine whenever you play craps for fun or real money.

How to Play Craps and Win

How to Play Craps and Win

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How to Win at Craps

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Craps isn’t an easy game, as most players perceive. It’s outright wrong to hold that winning is just a dice roll away as a lot is involved.

The game is so sophisticated that even the best of players find it challenging. That’s why it’s important to learn how craps works.

You aren’t ready to win by knowing the strategies only. Understanding how the whole game unfolds is the best way to win at craps. As much as you want it, winning at craps has everything to do with mastering the game itself. Eventually, you can apply different good strategies. Remember to always choose the strategies with the lowest house edge.

Best Craps Betting Strategy

Best Craps Betting Strategy

You will find tons of craps strategy, but it’s upon you to choose the best. As a rule of thumb, the strategy with a low house edge always carries the day. Find the best craps betting strategy below;

Craps Strategy Pass Line and Come Bet

Craps Pass Line & Come Bet Strategy

These are the best and most popular craps odds bets. Their low house edge of 1.41% makes them perfect bet types.

Here you are betting if the winner passes upon hitting a 2, 3, 12, or 7. Usually, this happens if it’s before determining a pointer at the table.

The come bet is pretty similar to the Pass Line bet, only that this time you bet after a pointer is determined. You win if the shooter hits a 7 or 11 and lose if they hit a 2, 3, or 12. Though this bet gives different odds, making you risk a lot of money, it’s a reliable strategy.

Parlay Betting

Craps Bet Parlay Bet Icon

Another good craps strategy is the parlay betting strategy popularly known as ‘pyramid betting’. It is a type of bet that combines the original bet with the winnings. This strategy depends on subsequent wins to be successful. 

So, if an independent bet wins, the entire bet wins. However, the parlay betting system is not reliable since if a single bet fails, the entire bet loses. 

Parlay betting is popular among craps players for many reasons. One of them is that the stakes are lower when losing but increase subsequently when winning. Besides, winning in parlay bets is easy and affordable. 

Most of the times, you don’t depend on your pocket to make progressive profits. You can take advantage of the house money to win in your next bet. Moreover, when you’re losing the bets reduce in your favor as well as increase when you’re winning.

Don’t Pass Line and Don’t Come

Craps Don't Pass Line & Don't Come Bet Strategy

Many players consider this a okay strategy as it always bet against the shooter.

The Don’t Pass Line bet has the lowest craps house edge of 1.36%; so many players consider it a reliable strategy. Besides, it’s an awkward rule as you might find yourself losing while everyone is winning. No wonder it’s worthwhile to apply it on online craps but not on live craps.

Best Craps Bets

The best way to bets on the craps table is determined by the best craps bets;

Pass Line Craps

Pass Line Bet Craps Icon

The Pass Line is the most popular casino craps strategy. It gives a low house edge of 1.41% though this declines as the odds change.

Usually, the house edge stands at 0.8% in single odds, 0.6% in 2x odds, 0.4% in 3x, 4x, 5x odds, 0,3% in 5x odds, 0,2% in 10x and 0.02 for casinos that offer 100x odds.

Keep in mind that the pass line applies when a pointer hasn’t been determined. So you should always bet on the pass as the next roll turns out to be a comeout.

Come Bet Craps

Come Bet Craps Icon

The come line craps bet is pretty similar to the pass line judging from its house edge. However, a difference lies in that for a come bet, there must be an established point for you to proceed to the next roll. Winning a come bet is easy and occurs if you hit a 7 or 11.

Rolling a 2, 3, or 12, however, means that you’ve lost the come bet. Now that you have an additional point number alongside the one on the pass line, you can easily win the bet. This is why a come bet turns out to be the best craps betting strategy to date.

Craps Place Bet Strategy

Place Bet Craps Icon

Craps place bets come in handy when you want to try your luck on different point numbers. You can bet on hitting a 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, or a 10, and you only win if you hit the bests before a 7. Place bets are also risky because in case a 7 appears first, you lose all your bets.

It’s also worth noting that you don’t manage these bets yourself. While at the table, you give the craps dealer your betting numbers and then place your chips on the craps table. Immediately the bet appears on either of the pointers before a 7, you win, but you lose if the opposite happens.

Any Craps bet

Any Bet Craps Icon

This bet is also known as “Three Way or “the bail-out bet.” As its name suggests, you bet that one of the three numbers will appear on your next dice toss. This bet involves first placing your chips on the layout. You then request the stick man to place them on the Any bets box.

When you get “craps” after rolling the dice, you win and lose if you don’t. Always remember that “craps” is 2, 3 or 12 in this case. Though this bet is known to have a high house edge, it’s still worth a try.

Don’t Come Craps

Don't Come Bet Craps Icon

Don’t come bet usually involves betting against the shooter. It’s the complete opposite of the come bet. Playing crap without applying the Don’t Come strategy craps means you don’t take advantage of the low house edge.

The 1.36% house edge is better and lower compared to the 1.41% house edge on come bet.

The edges for this particular vary when laying odds. For instance, the edge decreases to 0.7% for single odds, 0.5% on 2x, 0.3% on 3x, 4x, 5x, 0.2% on 5x, 0.1% on 10X and 0.01% on 100x.

Craps Don’t Pass

Don't Pass Bet Craps Icon

The Don’t Pass craps bet stands in sharp contrast with the Pass Line odds bet.

If you roll a 2 or a 3, you win but rolling 7 or 11 means you lose. Then if it’s a 12, that’s a push. Rolling any other number means that it’s the point for the next roll. The Don’t Pass bet house edge of 1.36% is good enough to make your winning odds better.

Lay bet Craps

Lay Bet Craps Icon

Lay bet strategy in craps gambling is used by a don’t bettor to bet on point numbers that don’t appear frequently.

For instance, betting on a 4 or a 10 is a perfect example. When you go to the layout, tell the stickman ‘Lay 4’. In case a 7 appears before the 4, you win. This bet type is different from most others since getting the 4 before the 7 appears means you have lost. Besides, you can always take advantage of the low house edge of 2.44%.

Iron Cross Craps

Iron Cross Bet Craps Icon

The Iron Cross system comprises the Field bets, 3, 4, 9, 10, and 12; and Place bets, 5, 6, and 8. Precisely, this strategy covers all point numbers except 7. So, you win when you roll any of the numbers before a 7 appears.

However, you lose terribly if a 7 appears first on your roll. The Iron cross bet is also known as the Dinner bet. This is because players want to win the first roll and walk away. Since the first win is enough for dinner, many players prefer it, provided they don’t seven out on the first round.

Yo Bet Craps

Yo Bet Craps Icon

The Yo Bet is a term used to describe a roll on eleven. This term is commonly used to avoid confusion on the seven bet. The Yo bet has a high house edge of 11.11%, so players find it a bit expensive. The chances of an eleven appearing when a dice is rolled are slim. However, it’s still a worthwhile strategy because you win handsomely when a chance presents itself.

Hop Bet Craps

Hop Bet Craps Icon

Hop bet is also referred to as a Turning bet and involves calling your point number to bet on them. When you call, for instance, 4-5 hopping, the stick man throws the dice. If your point number rolls, you win, and your chips are handed to you. But when you lose, the stick man keeps the chips.

 Winning a hop bet comes in two versions; the easy hop bet and the hard hop bet. In our example above, that’s an easy hop bet. Having rolls in versions of 6-6, 5-5, or 4-4 means you have a hard hop bet. The hop bet has a house edge of 11.11%, which is a bit higher. It’s also worth noting that the house pays 30-1 for hard hops and 15-1 for easy hops.

Craps Buy Bet

Buy Bet Craps Icon

The Buy bet involves paying a 5% commission to the house. Thus, it’s considered to have a higher house edge. You usually have better odds with a Buy bet for 4 and 10. Since you receive 2:1 but not 9:5, you have better chances at winning.

 Basically, you pay $10 to buy the 4 or 10 point numbers. With time you will realize that buying 4 and 10 is better than placing them on the table. The Buy bet has different policies in different casinos. It’s always good to check whether it applies only when you win. Of course, buying bets then is the best idea in winning a craps game.

Put Bet Craps

Put Bet Craps Icon

A craps put bet doesn’t tie itself around the rule of developing a pointer first. You are free to place a bet without a pointer. If, for instance, you roll on a 6, that is your starting point for the next roll. A put bet is way better as it comes with free odds that have no house edge themselves.

There are high house edges of 9.1% on 6 or 8 points, 20% on 5 or 9 points, and 33.3% on 4 or 10 points. A put bet puts you in a perfect position to choose to bet on frequently rolled numbers. Consequently, you can easily win as you back your win with free odds on put bets.

Basics Craps Strategy

Here are craps beginner strategies;

Low risk

Low risk strategy is for the short bankrolled players. If you wish to stand at the table and watch as the game unfolds, this is the strategy for you.

Ultimately, the Low risk strategy yields low rewards and sometimes even free drinks. Thus, it’s best for beginner players trying to learn the game. Here’s how it unfolds;

  • Place $5 stakes on the Pass Line bet and $10 on the Don’t Pass Bet
  • After achieving a point, place $10 odds on the Pass Line bet
  • So, now you can make a profit or lose the bet depending on the pointer number
  • For instance, if the pointer number is 4 or 10 and you get it, your win is $10
  • If the point is 5 or 9 and you hit either, you win $5
  • If it’s 6 or 8 and you hit it, you win $2
  • If the shooter sevens out, you don’t lose
  • You lose when a 7, 11, or 12 rolls whereby you lose $10 on 7 and 11 and $5 on 12. On the flip side, if you roll 2 or 3, you win $10.

Low risk strategy applies to low rollers who aren’t looking for big rewards from the game.

Big 6 8 Craps Strategy

Big 6 8 Strategy Craps Icon

This strategy involves wagering on 6 point and 8 point. This strategy usually has a negative progression; that is, it focuses on losing. Unlike other strategies where stakes are raised when you win, stakes are raised in the 6/8 strategy when you lose. This means that your bankroll needs to be high enough to solve this.

You can place 6/8 bets on different places on the craps table. Betting on Place to Win is one way to apply this strategy. The payout is 7/6 if you win, that is, the bet is rolled before a 7 is hit. Another way is the Place to Lose, whereby you don’t need to hit the bet before rolling a 7. The payout for this is 4/5.

6/8 strategy gives an added advantage to players because of its minimal house edge. It’s the lowest compared to other strategies. Despite its low payouts, it’s still a strategy worth trying.

In as much as the 6/8 strategy offers benefits, it also has cons you must note. For instance, the negative progression scares away most players. Raising stakes when you lose means that you must have huge sums of money to crack the game.

Advanced Craps Strategy

If you have mastered the basic Craps strategies (listed above) then its time to move on to more advanced techniques. Below you will find a list of advanced Craps strategies:

Craps 4 10 strategy

Craps 4 10 Strategy Craps Icon

In this strategy, you have two options. You either buy the 4 and 10 if your bet is more than $20 or place the bet if it’s below $20. The low house edge of 4.76% makes this a strategy every advanced player should use.

In 36 rolls, 4 and 10 roll six times similar to a 7. When you wager $25 on 4 and 10, you win 6 times, that is 6 x $45, and lose six times, that is, 6 x $50. This gives a $30 loss (that is $300- $270).

The 4 and 10 is also bought at a 5% commission. In some casinos, this only happens if you win. It’s also a good thing that the commission charged is only $1 but not $1.25. As a result, you receive true odds of 2:1 instead of 9:5. In a nutshell, winning one of the numbers means you receive $50 compared to $45 in the 9:5 odds.

It’s clear that betting on the 4 and 10 strategy has lower risk as even the odds are better. Compared to the 8/6 strategy, the 4 and 10 strategy is the best. So, the next time you want a 6/8 strategy, why not try the 4 and 10 strategy instead.

Craps Dark Side Strategies

Dark Side Strategy Craps Icon

This strategy is also known as Crap Lay Bets, and it’s applicable to don’t bettors. It’s also a general phrase for Don’t come and Don’t pass bets. The Dark side strategy involves betting against the shooter by placing the lay bets. This means that the shooter has a choice to place lay bets before a point is established.

 In this strategy, lay bets include six craps, which are 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, or 10. These bets become the points for dark bettors once a comeout roll is established. They are also used to place bets for right bettors.

The payoffs for the dark side strategy start with getting $5 when you bet $6 on 6 or 8. You get $2 when you bet $3 on 5 or 9. Also, when you bet $2 on 4 or 10, you win $1.

It’s mandatory to pay the house a 5% commission on all the winnings.

Lay bets give a low house edge though there’s a requirement to pay a commission whether you win or lose. The 4 and 10 lay bet provides the lowest house edge of 2.44%. However, this declines if the commission is only charged for winning. For the 4 and 10 bet, the house edge ends at 1.67%.

Mini Max Craps Strategy

Mini Max Strategy Craps Icon

The mini-max strategy combines the Pass Line, Don’t pass bets, and Parlay bets. In doing so, one of the most powerful strategies in winning craps is born. All the elements in each of the components bring out the best version of this system.

Besides, it’s a reliable strategy for all levels of players. A beginner wagering a measly $50 has the same chances to win as a veteran placing $10,000 bets. Evidently, this strategy focuses on ensuring all players crack the craps game. Consequently, they can take home the handsome rewards crap winners get.

As its name suggests, the mini-max strategy allows players to win huge sums of money. Your minimum bet is enough to make you the next big winner. A player can start with low deposits, which can yield thousands of dollars in the end. You only need to be consistent in playing with the small amount.

This system protects low rollers from losing in the game. By focusing on eliminating huge losses, this strategy favors players. On some occasions, the system gets issues, and players lose terribly. However, this is not as common as the main goal of the Mini max strategy is to make you win.

Best Craps Strategy Reddit

Craps Strategy Reddit Icon

There’s much to winning at craps than most players know. Well, knowing the rules isn’t all as you need other skills too. For instance, you can choose to keep the rules aside and focus on what’s happening at the table.

Craps is a game of chance and winning is never predictable. Always make sure you choose the bet type that suits you most. This should, preferably be the one with the lowest house edge. The Pass Line and Come bets are great for a start.

Craps Odds Payouts

Craps Odds Payouts Icon

Playing craps doesn’t need strategies to succeed. As you already know, craps is a game of chance, and craps odds of winning doesn’t depend on certain standards. However, you can learn the best craps odds strategy to better your chances.

Craps Payout Chart

Image of Craps Odds Payout Chart
Here is an image of payouts in Craps
  • The most difficult numbers to roll in craps are 2 and 12. They are yielded after a dice combo of 1+1 and 6+6. So, craps odds for rolling each is 1:36. Evidently, the harder it is to roll a number, the higher it pays.
  • 3 and 11 points can be made by a combo of 1:18, 4, and 10. These three separate combinations give craps payout odds of 1:12, respectively.
  • 5 and 9 can be rolled in four combos giving odds of 1:9 in each. For 6 and 8, you can get them from 5 different combinations with odds of 1:7 each. Last but not least is 7, which comes in 6 different combinations and odds of 1.6. Evidently, 7 is the most common number to find in craps.

Craps Dice Strategy

Dice control in craps icon

Most people believe that winning at the craps dice game has everything to do with proper dice throwing skills. They even hold to it that you can take a given position to crack the game. However, you don’t have to lose yourself trying to master the art of craps dice control.

Following the craps dice rules is the best tip to hack the game. Basically, the dice has to hit back the wall once you throw it. This means that you have no control over it whatsoever. That’s the best way to roll dice in craps.

The myth that experts have a way they can manipulate the dice is utterly wrong. You need not focus on such a myth as there’s no proof about it. Besides, craps is a game of chance, and winning it is purely based on luck, not based on a craps dice rolling strategy.

Craps Strategy Simulator

Craps Payout Calculator App Icon

Playing craps becomes fun when you have the chance to mimic the game. Simulating craps is easy for even beginners. If you want to set the table and play, you can use certain apps and programs as listed below;

WinCraps Classic

This is awesome software that displays even the statistics of the game. WinCraps simulator is available on Windows and offers excellent features for novice and expert players.


You will experience real-like craps playing in this app. Its great music and spectacular graphics are all you need playing craps.

Craps Fan

This app mimics the real game giving players a real experience enjoying craps.

Vegas Craps

This software is the best for craps as it allows both novices and veterans. You also have settings available, so you can cancel the session if that need arises.

Craps by Playtech

So, this program has awesome graphics and a user-friendly interface.

Craps by Microgaming

This software is a bit complicated for beginners. You need to learn the rules first.


What is the best craps strategy?

The best craps strategies are the Pass Line or Don’t Pass line strategy, as the two are the most popular craps strategies.

How to play craps strategies?

Each craps strategy has guidelines on how to play it. For instance, you win the Pass Line bet if you hit a 2, 3, 7, or 12. The rule of thumb is to choose the strategy with the lowest house edge.

How to win at craps strategy

You need to learn how to play craps first. You can then apply strategies such as Pass and come strategies, Don’t pass and Don’t come, 4 and 10 strategy, among others.

What is the best mathematical craps strategy?

The best mathematical craps strategy is the Pass Line since you win if you roll a 7 or 11. Playing craps involves throwing the dice whereby the results are added together. So, the highest you can get is 12, and the least is 2.

Is Dice Control a real thing?

No, it’s not a real thing since it’s impossible to influence the dice to land on a certain number. You only need to study the money management tips and craps strategies to win the game.