Best Sites to Play Video Poker Online

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Las Vegas video poker and all other types of video poker have always been a great substitute for the card game of the same name. Video poker machines have been extremely popular for a long time and, in recent times, everyone has gained the chance to play video poker online.

With the rise of online gambling, it’s only natural for many players like you to want to play online video poker for real money. That’s precisely what I wanted to help you with, so I made sure to prepare this meticulous guide on online video poker.

In this piece, you’ll learn everything about the best sites for video poker, the best games to play, how to play them, and some valuable tips that will help you win big. Let’s take a look!

Best Online Video Poker Sites (Real Money)

It’s not easy to find a great site with video poker for real money. There are plenty of excellent sites with video poker, mostly because there are plenty of great casino websites. Almost all of them have video poker games, as video poker is prevalent among casino players. That’s why most online casinos include video poker games in their game libraries.

However, I made sure to dig deeper and find the very best sites to play online video poker for real money. I have a list of four online casinos for you, so let’s take a closer look at each one.

  1. BetOnline Casino
  2. Slots LV Casino
  3. Ignition Casino
  4. Vegas Casino Online

BetOnline Casino

Welcome Bonus up to $3000 Match deposit
Available in:

BetOnline is an excellent instant-play online casino with a full range of Betsoft slots and other casino games. Naturally, this massive library of casino games includes video poker titles as well.

Players worldwide can join this gambling site that offers a lot of different options for any type of gambler. However, when it comes to video poker games, BetOnline offers multi-hand, single-hand, and pyramid poker games.

The casino has 15 video poker games in total, and each one of them is unique, so you’ll be able to spend hours just testing out the games. Naturally, if you decide to play for real, you’ll be glad to know that all these video poker games can be played with real money and, with the right strategies, you’ll be able to win a lot.

Image of BetOnline Casino Video Poker Games
BetOnline’s Video Poker Game Selection

Slots LV Casino

200% Match Bonus up to $5,000 Over 4 deposits
Available in:

If you want to play video poker online, you can’t go wrong with Slots LV Casino. This Canadian casino offers a wide range of games, but we are here to talk about video poker games, and the most important thing I can tell you is that the choices are more than great.

Slots LV Casino has 17 different video poker games, all of which will be of great interest to any video poker player. You’ll thus have hours to spend every time you decide to play video poker on Slots LV Casino!

What’s also great here is that you can use bonuses, especially the refer-a-friend bonus of $200 for every player who makes their first deposit after registering on Slots LV via your link.

Slots LV Casino also offers strategies for playing video poker and instructions on how to play these games if you’ve never played them in the past.

Image of Slots LV Video Poker Game Selection
Slots LV Video Poker selection

Ignition Casino

Welcome Bonus up to $3,000 Spilt between Casino & Poker
Available in:

Being established in 2016, Ignition Casino is a relatively new player on my list. However, it’s still one of the very best video poker casinos in the world. I say this not only because the website is among the most popular online casinos out there, but also due to the diverse and high-quality video poker offer the casino has.

You have a total of 17 titles to try out and start playing for real money. The casino makes sure to introduce every new player to their offer and video poker games in general. If you visit the website of this awesome casino, you’ll quickly see that it offers a substantial amount of useful information, including explanations on how the game is played, strategies, odds, payouts, and returns the video poker games offer.

Image of Ignition Casino Video Poker Game Selection
Ignition’s Video Poker game library.

Vegas Casino Online

Welcome Bonus up to $3,000 150% Match
Available in:

If you want to play Las Vegas video poker games, then Vegas Casino Online is one of the best places for it. After substantial testing, I’ve realized that this is one of the best online casinos in the world, but its video poker offer is almost unprecedented.

The most important thing here is that Vegas Casino Online offers the most diverse list of video poker games you’ll ever get to see. On top of that, the site offers video poker games with one hand, three hands, ten hands, and 52 hands. It will take you a long time before you finally get bored with this massive offer.

Image of Vegas Casino Online Video Poker Selection
Vegas Casino Online’s Video Poker Selection

Best Video Poker Game

You’ve already seen that there are many video poker games for real money, and you are probably wondering which one is the very best of all. Thankfully, there is no single best video poker game, but there are a couple of them!

All American Poker Game Icon

All American Poker — This is an excellent online video poker game offered in most US online casinos. It’s a great substitute for Jacks or Better, with a few modifications in how much four of a kind and full house pay.

Bonus Video Poker Icon

Bonus Video Poker — This IGT game is one of the most popular video poker games out there, so it’s definitely worth playing.

Deuces Wild Video Poker

Deuces Wild Video Poker — One of the most popular video poker games that is not based on Jacks or Better. It has a lot of unique properties that you’ll definitely want to try out.

Double Bonus Video Poker

Double Bonus Video Poker — Almost the same as Bonus Video Poker, but as the name suggests, it’s a higher variance of it.

Double Double Bonus Video Poker

Double Double Bonus Video Poker — If the previous weren’t enough, with this variance, you get an extremely high-paying video poker game.

Icon of Dream Card Video Poker

Dream Card Video Poker — A great video poker game with a unique bonus feature where you can wager five coins to get a replacement card.

Icon of Jacks or Better Video Poker

Jacks or Better Video Poker — One of the first-ever types of video poker games that every video poker player needs to try.

Icon of Joker Poker Video Poker

Joker Poker Video Poker — A great video poker game with three versions, where each of them brings something new to the table.

Icon of Sevens Wild Video Poker

Sevens Wild Video Poker — This is an interesting take on Deuces Wild Video Poker, and it’s definitely worth testing out.

Icon of Triple Double Bonus Video Poker

Triple Double Bonus Video Poker — The highest paying bonus video poker game.

Icon of Ultimate X Video Poker

Ultimate X Video Poker — A multi-hand video poker game with a bonus feature.

Mobile Video Poker

As is the case with most casino games today, you can play video poker on your phone as well. There are both video poker (Android) and video poker (iOS) games, so every smartphone owner nowadays can enjoy these popular casino games.

In order to explain how mobile video poker works, it’s best to describe one of the best mobile video poker casinos out there.

Las Vegas USA Casino

Las Vegas USA Casino is a great website with a massive number of slots, table games and, most importantly, video pokers.

Image of Las Vegas USA Video Poker Mobile
Las Vegas USA casino’s home page on mobile

However, what really matters for us right now is its mobile version. Las Vegas USA Casino on mobile is as good as the desktop version, if not better. The website is visually great, and it offers everything the desktop version does, which makes this casino one of the best examples of how a mobile casino should look like.

If you decide to sign up, you’ll be taken to a different version of the website that’s optimized for phones in a way that’s near perfection. All the casino games are available there, and everything works extremely fast, even on older phones. I tested out video poker games on an old Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, and everything still worked flawlessly. So, if you decide to play, you’re bound to have an excellent experience as well.

Match Deposits up to: $3,000 "In Bonuses"
Available in:

Video Poker Tutorial

Tutorial Video Poker Icon

Video poker, just like regular poker, is played with 52 cards, in almost all types of video pokers, except when a joker is added to the deck.

The game itself is easy to understand because every video poker game includes a paytable on the screen where you can see exactly how much you can win in a specific winning hand. If you don’t know what each winning hand consists of, you should learn them before you start playing, so you’ll know what you want to get. With time and practice, you’ll learn them all by heart, as there aren’t many winning hands, and half of them are self-explanatory when you see the name.

Whenever you place your wager, you draw a collection of five cards. If you get a winning hand, it will be highlighted in the paytable. Naturally, if you don’t get a winning hand, you can choose to hold the card you need and exchange the rest. When the next draw is finished, the outcome will be the best winning hand you have. However, if you haven’t won, you can repeat the same process with a new draw.

As you can see, video poker is straightforward, and most video pokers are played almost in the same manner, with a few changes that don’t affect the core of the game. Once you’ve played enough games, you’ll know exactly how each game will work and how good the game alterations will be.

If you want to learn more, you can always take a look at additional explanations like this one from IGT.

How to Win at Video Poker

How to Win More Icon

Knowing how to play video poker is one thing, but knowing how to win it is definitely what you want to find out!

The good thing here is that we can help you. Unlike many other types of gambling games, poker is a game of skill, and not only a game of chance. This means that the more proficient you become at playing it, the more you’ll be able to win. On top of that, poker has some of the best odds in the world of gambling games, so luck will also be on your side in many cases.

As for the skills, it’s all about learning the game and practicing it. Yes, there are strategies and tips (I’ll cover those in a minute), but you’ll still have to practice to shine!

Video Poker Tips

Here are some tips I always recommend to players looking to beat video poker:

  1. Play maximum coins if you have the funds, as that’s the way to get the full value of all the winning hands.
  2. Always play video pokers with the highest returns.
  3. Practice a lot before you start playing with real money.
  4. Start with easier video pokers — the lower variance ones like Jacks or Better.
  5. Follow your bankroll, and never bet more than you’re willing to lose. I know that winning is crucial to you, but you still need to gamble responsibly.
  6. Only play the games when you’re sober and in a good mood, and not when you’re tired, upset, or drunk.

Video Poker Strategy Chart

Strategy Guide Icon

Video poker experts have done a lot to analyze every hand that a video poker game can give, which is why we now have many charts for almost all types of video pokers.

These strategy charts are there to show us what to do to maximize our wins and are thus incredibly useful.

Naturally, you will have to look for a different strategy chart for each specific video poker game out there, but I wanted to show you one of the best charts for the Double Bonus Video Poker.

The key is to start at the top of the chart and work your way down until you find the hand that matches the one you got, and then you can follow that strategy. This way, you’ll maximize your chances of winning with every single hand.

Double Bonus Video Poker Strategy Chart

HandExpected ReturnExample
Pat Royal Flush800.0000Th-Jh-Qh-Kh-Ah
Four of a Kind Aces160.0000Ac-Ah-Ad-As-3c
Four of a Kind Twos, Threes, Fours80.00002h-2s-2c-2d-7c
Four of a Kind Fives – Kings50.00007c-7d-7h-7s-Jc
Pat Straight Flush50.00006h-7h-8h-9h-Th
Royal Flush Draw18.6383Th-Jh-Qh-Kh-4h
Three of a Kind Aces10.1147Ac-Ad-Ah-Js-8c
Pat Full House10.0000Ac-Ad-As-Js-Jc
Pat Flush7.0000Ac-Jc-6c-5c-4c
Three of a Kind Twos, Threes, Fours6.71053c-3h-3d-8s-9s
Three of a Kind Fives through Kings5.43398c-8s-8d-9h-3d
Pat Straight5.00004c-5s-6h-7h-8h
Open Straight Flush Draw3.73834c-5c-6c-7c-Th
Inside Straight Flush Draw2.4894Qs-Js-9s-8s-4c
Two Pair1.76603c-3s-4d-4h-Ac
Pair of Aces1.7635Ac-Ad-Js-8c-5h
Q-J-T suited (w/ no penalty*)1.5846Qh-Jh-Th-4d-3d
K-Q-J suited (w/ no penalty*)1.5754Kh-Qh-Jh-4c-3c
Q-J-T suited (w/ 1 Straight penalty*)1.5634Qh-Jh-Th-Kc-2c
Q-J-T suited (w/ 1 High Pair penalty*)1.5430Qh-Jh-Th-Jc-4s
K-Q-J suited (w/ 1 Straight penalty*)1.5384Kh-Qh-Jh-Tc-4c
K-Q-J suited (w/ 1 High Pair penalty*)1.5365Kh-Qh-Jh-Js-3s
4 to a Flush, 3 High Cards (w/ no penalty*)1.5319Ac-Jc-Tc-3h-2h
Q-J-T suited (w/ 1 Flush penalty*)1.5264Qh-Jh-Th-4h-3c
4 to a Flush, 3 High Cards (w/ 1 HP penalty*)1.5106Ac-Jc-Tc-3c-Th
Q-J-T suited (w/ any two penalties*)1.4894Qs-Js-Ts-Kh-Jc
K-Q-J suited (w/ any two penalties*)1.4783Kh-Qh-Jh-Jc-Ts
K-Q-T suited, K-J-T suited (w/ no penalty*)1.4755Kh-Qh-Th-4c-3c
4 to a Flush, 2 High Cards (w/ no penalty*)1.4681Kh-Jh-7h-5h-2c
A-K-Qs, A-K-Js, A-Q-Js (w/ no penalty*)1.4662Ac-Kc-Jc-2h-3h
Pair of Js, Qs, Ks1.4582Jc-Js-2h-4c-8s
K-Q-Ts, K-J-Ts (w/ 1 Straight penalty*)1.4542Kh-Qh-Th-Jc-2c
A-K-Qs, A-K-Js, A-Q-Js (w/ 1 Straight penalty*)1.4450Ac-Kc-Qc-Jh-2h
4 to a Flush, 1 High Card1.4042Ac-8c-7c-3c-6h
K-Q-T suited, K-J-T suited (w/ two penalties*)1.3959Kh-Qh-Th-Jc-Qc
A-K-Ts, A-Q-Ts, A-J-Ts(w/ no penalty*)1.3663Ac-Kc-Tc-2h-3h
4 to a flush, No High Cards1.34049c-7c-4c-2c-8s
A-K-Ts, A-Q-Ts, A-J-Ts (w/ 1 Straight penalty*)1.3395Ac-Kc-Tc-Jh-2s
Open 4 to a Straight0.9149Jc-Ts-9h-8c-2h
Pair of 2s, 3s, 4s0.82662c-2h-7s-8c-Jh
J-T-9 suited0.7826Jc-Tc-9c-4h-3h
Q-J-9 suited0.7761Qc-Jc-9c-4h-3h
Pair of 5 through 10s0.74345c-5h-Js-8d-2h
3 to a Straight Flush, Open, No High Cards0.68554c-5c-6c-Th-9h
Q-J-8 suited0.6644Qc-Jc-8c-6h-4h
Q-T-9 suited, J-T-8 suited, J-9-8 suited0.6577Jc-9c-8c-4h-3h
K-Q-9 suited, K-J-9 suited0.6512Kc-Qc-9c-4h-2h
Four to a Straight, Inside, Three High Cards0.6170Qc-Js-Ts-8d-2h
Q-J suited (w/ no or one penalty*)0.5871Qc-Jc-4h-8s-2h
K-Q suited, K-J suited (w/ no penalty*)0.5845Kc-Qc-8s-4h-2s
Q-J suited (w/ 2 penalties*)0.5772Qs-Js-Th-6c-4s
3 to a St. Flush, 1 Gap, 0 Hi Cards (no penalty*)0.57264h-5h-7h-9c-Tc
A-Ks, A-Qs, A-Js (w/ no penalty*)0.5692Ac-Kc-6s-9d-2h
3 to a St. Flush, 2 Gaps, 1 Hi Card (no penalty*)0.56714h-6h-8h-Jc-2s
K-Qs, K-Js (w/ one Flush penalty*)0.5650Ks-Qs-8s-6h-2h
Q-J suited (w/ three penalties*)0.5650Qs-Js-Tc-8c-2s
K-Qs, K-Js (w/ one or two Straight penalties*)0.5642Ks-Qs-Jc-9c-2h
3 to a Flush, 2 High Cards0.5606As-Js-3s-5c-9c
A-Ks, A-Qs, A-Js (w/ one Straight penalty*)0.5596As-Ks-Tc-2h-6h
K-Qs, K-Js (w/ 1 St. penalty + 1 Flush penalty*)0.5582Ks-Qs-Tc-6s-4d
3 to a St. Flush, 1 Gap, 0 Hi Cards (St. penalty*)0.55785h-6h-8h-9c-2s
4 to a Straight, Inside, 2 High Cards0.5532Qs-Jd-9c-8h-2s
K-Qs, K-Js (w/ three penalties*)0.5515Ks-Qs-Th-Td-2s
3 to a St. Flush, 2 Gaps, 1 High Card (St. penalty*)0.54868h-Th-Qh-9c-2s
J-T suited (w/ no penalty*)0.5011Jc-Tc-6s-4d-2d
4 to a Straight, Inside, One High Card0.4894Jc-Ts-9d-7h-2s
J-T suited (w/ one Flush penalty*)0.4817Js-Ts-6s-4c-2h
J-T suited (w/ one or two Straight penalties*)0.4747Js-Ts-8c-7c-2h
9-7-5 suited, 9-6-5 suited0.46999c-7c-5c-2h-3h
Q-T suited (w/ no penalty*)0.4683Qc-Tc-7s-5h-2s
3 to a St. Flush, 2 Gaps, 0 Hi Cards (no penalty*)0.46725h-7h-9h-2d-3d
J-Ts (w/ 1 Straight penalty + 1 Flush penalty*)0.4652Js-Ts-8c-2s-5h
K-Q, K-J (w/ no penalty*)0.4623Ks-Qc-8h-5h-3d
3 to a Flush, One High Card0.4598Js-8s-4s-3c-2c
J-T suited (w/ 3 penalties*)0.4588Js-Ts-7c-Ad-2s
K-Q, K-J (w/ 1 Straight penalty*)0.4574Kc-Qs-9d-5h-2c
Ace (w/ no flush penalty*)0.4552Ad-Tc-7s-4s-2h
Ace (w/ 1 flush penalty + no 2, 3, 4 or 5)0.4499Ah-9h-Jc-7s-6d
A-K, A-Q, A-J0.4493Ac-Kh-9d-7c-4s
K-T suited0.4487Kc-Tc-7s-5d-2d
Ace (w/ 1 flush penalty*)0.4487Ah-Th-7s-5c-2d
Jack (w/ no flush penalty*)0.4451Jd-9s-7c-4h-2h
3 to a St. Flush, 2 Gaps, 0 Hi Cards (St. penalty*)0.44314h-6h-8h-7c-Td
Jack (w/ 1 Flush penalty*)0.4306Jd-8d-5c-3s-2s
4 to a Straight, Inside, no High Cards0.42555d-6c-7s-9h-2d
3 to a Flush, no High Cards0.3608Th-7h-5h-3s-2s
Everything Else » Draw 5 New Cards0.323110s-8c-6d-4s-2h

This chart, and many others like it, can work as a video poker cheat sheet. A cheat sheet can be handy for you if you want to become better at video poker, and if you’re looking to win more hands than regular players usually do.

Video Poker Odds

Odds Icon

Every casino game has its own odds, and video poker is one of the few games where the odds can be directly influenced. As I already stated, video poker is a game of skill; a lot more than it’s a game of chance. This can only mean that the better you are at playing it, the odds are more in your favor. In essence, the best video poker odds exist solely for the best video poker players.

Let’s take a look at the odds for some of the most popular video poker variants:

  • Deuces Wild Video Poker — with a simple strategy, you can get returns that are as high as 100.71%, which means that you are actually in the advantage, and not the house.
  • Bonus Video Poker — with an optimal strategy, your return can reach 99.17%.
  • Double Bonus Video Poker — the expected return is 100.17% as long as you’re using an optimal strategy.
  • Double Double Bonus Video Poker — with a basic strategy, your returns can reach 100.07%.
  • Jacks or Better Video Poker — the returns are usually 99.46%, while the more advanced players can get 99.54% with the right strategies.
  • Joker Poker Video Poker — the expected return is 100.64% with the most basic strategy.


How do you play video poker?

Playing video poker is simple, and it’s all about choosing the right cards you’re dealt, and exchanging the ones you don’t need.

How do you hack a video poker machine?

You can’t hack a video poker machine. What you can do is learn the game and use strategy charts to become so good at playing video poker that you’ll essentially be hacking the game with your skills.

Can you cheat video poker machines?

If you get skilled enough at playing the game and using the right strategy charts, you’ll effectively be “cheating” video poker machines, as the odds will constantly be in your favor.

How do you win at video poker?

You win by becoming a proficient player and by using the best video poker cheat sheets.

How do you beat video poker machines?

As is the case with any game of skill, you beat it by becoming a great player.