The Best Casino Apps for iPhone

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Lots of gamblers who prefer Apple devices are always on the lookout for the best casino apps for iPhones, something that would seemingly be easy thanks to the unmatched popularity of the company’s products. Playing your favorite games on the iPhone is not only fun but is also very convenient especially if you are always on the move.

Most iPhone apps have been optimized to perform just as well as their web-based counterparts. You may find a few titles missing on casino apps for the iPhone, however, developers are always pushing to add more.

So, in the vast sea of online gambling operators, we are pretty convinced that you may need some pointers when it comes to finding an app that offers real casino games for iPhones. We go for nothing but the best casino apps on the iphone where you can use real money. All recommendations you find below guarantee you an amazing gaming experience on your iPhone.

iPhone Casinos for US Players

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When looking for the best casino apps where you can win real money on your iPhone, we had to consider several criteria. Only the sites that checked all the right boxes in this regard were ranked among the top casino apps for iPhone. To put everything into context, all of the iPhone casinos that we came across had:

  • Tons of the top casino games for iPhone
  • Safe and reliable payment options
  • Outstanding designs
  • And mind-blowing reward packages.

These important features may be absent from some unreliable apps and this makes it extremely important to choose wisely before you start.

Thankfully, we have done all the work for you. Now all that is left is to pick one that tickles your fancy. Does it get any easier than that? So, our list of top casino apps for iPhone users includes:

  1. Casino
  2. Ignition Casino
  3. Wild Casino
  4. Casino
  5. Las Vegas USA Casino Casino

As you may have already guessed based on this casino’s name, if casino slots for iPhone are what you are in looking for then your search is over. not only boasts of a massive selection of slot games but it is also packed with several other popular casino games. All this is further complemented by the outstanding bonuses that are included on the site in order to add value to your iPhone gambling experience.

Image of Best Casino iPhone Slots LV
200% Match Bonus up to $5,000 Over 4 deposits
Available in:

The operator makes use of the latest web technologies to deliver on an iPhone gambling experience that we were really impressed with and you probably will feel the same way too. Every element of the site adapts well to the smaller screens and with everything neatly arranged on the site you will never have to worry about missing out on anything. This mobile casino is also very secure thanks to the use of the latest SSL encryption technology as well as the integrations of the most secure payment options. Clearly, security is something that does not take lightly. is available to players in the United States as well as those in some other international markets. Wherever you are, if you happen to have access to this iPhone casino, you are certainly assured of enjoying one of the most polished and feature-rich gambling experiences.

Ignition Casino

Ignition Casino is another highly-acclaimed online gambling platform that is very popular among iPhone users. Its exquisite design makes it a delight to play on since it has been optimized to take full advantage of the beautiful hardware that iPhones are known for. Besides featuring a very neat layout that makes it easy to navigate, Ignition Casino also showcases crisp game graphics that almost feel like they are popping out of your iPhone’s screen. It is just that good! Thankfully, nearly all of its games can be played on iPhones and the few that are not available are slowly being optimized for the same.

Image of Best Casino iPhone Ignition Casino
Welcome Bonus up to $3,000 Spilt between Casino & Poker
Available in:

The look and feel aside, the casino further checks all of the other boxes as proven by its wide array of attractive welcome bonuses and a plethora of games to boot. Nearly every title that you can think of will be available on the site. As if that is not enough, Ignition Casino makes moving funds right from your iPhone a breeze by including the most popular, the most reliable and the most secure online payment options. You will, therefore, never need to switch from your phone to approve any transaction – all that can be done right from where you are and at any time.

Wild Casino

Despite the fact that is a relatively new entrant into the world of online gambling, Wild Casino was definitely designed to impress. The casino is going to be a treat for all iPhone users specifically due to its amazing design and eye-catching theme. Every element of the casino is laid out neatly making it very easy to navigate even on smaller iPhone screens which is very impressive for a casino that is just starting to grasp the market dynamics.

Image of Best Casino iPhone Wild Casino
Welcome Bonus up to $5,000 100-250% Deposit Match
Available in:

Just as its name suggests, Wild Casino takes iPhones on a wild ride that is made possible by its massive collection of top-notch casino games from leading game developers. Nearly all of these games have been optimized to work flawlessly on its users’ iPhones. The games aside, Wild Casino also delivers in other very important sectors that include the bonus and reward packages.

Safety and security are also a very big deal for the casino operator and they have done everything possible to ensure player data funds are always protected. This has been made possible by their integration of the best encryption technology as well as the utilization of the most secure payment services in existence. Look no further than Wild Casino is all that you are looking for is a hassle-free and worry-free gaming experience. Casino

This is yet another robust gambling option for anyone that has been looking into the online casino world trying to find an iPhone casino that just works. Casino banks on, among other things, its simplicity as well as its optimal design to deliver on an impressive gambling experience that is very hard to find anywhere else.

Image of Best Casino iPhone
Welcome Bonus up to $6,000 + more bonuses
Available in:

Despite the fact that is a relatively new entrant into the world of online gambling, gives even some of the oldest iPhone-compatible casinos a run for their money. In addition to looking really good, the site also offers its users some of the most generous bonuses and rewards. Being rewarded for playing your favorite casino games on your iPhone has never felt this good.

One other area that most iPhone users will be impressed with is the game collection. Slots may be the staple offering at Casino but once you get to explore its offerings, you will see that there is really so much more that it has to offer. All in all, there is a very neat balance when it comes to the portfolio of games. This means that you will barely get bored as there are a decent number of game titles for you to try out. To top it all off, it also includes safe and reliable payment methods that you can access right from your iPhone.

Las Vegas USA Casino

With over two decades’ worth of experience in the online gambling industry, Las Vegas USA Casino is a head-turner for several reasons. For iPhone users, this is the perfect platform id you want to immerse yourself in an online gambling experience that deeply resembles what happens in Las Vegas. Designed to offer a mind-blowing experience in a very small package, this casino all that it takes to keep you happy and excited.

Image of Best Casino iPhone Las Vegas USA Casino
Match Deposits up to: $3,000 "In Bonuses"
Available in:

It all starts with is design, which is certainly not the most modern but is not only familiar but also optimized so well that it works flawlessly on the iPhone. The site is easy to navigate and use while the games load quickly and are accentuated by bright colors. It is just beautiful.

Speaking of games, there are a ton of these for iPhone users to enjoy. However, before you even get to the games you will be treated to some amazing welcome bonuses which are the first of the rewards that you will be receiving on the site. Those rewards aside, iPhone users are assured of an extra layer of security as the site makes use of state-of-the-art security features and processes payment via very secure channels or methods. What more could you ask for?

iPhone Casino Games


baccarat icon

This game has certainly taken its time to get into the online space but the wait has totally been worth it. iPhone uses who love baccarat can now enjoy top-of-the-line gaming experience made possible by various optimizations. Nearly all baccarat titles that we have played on the iPhone look stunning and you should definitely give them a go. The crisp graphics, intuitive user interfaces as well as immersive sound effects make the experience very memorable.


bingo icon

Now, Bingo is certainly not going to feel as epic on the iPhone as it would on a device with a much larger screen. However, in my experience, this mostly applies to people whose eyesight may not be quite as good – this tends to happen as you grow older. Bummer. Still, if you can easily make out the graphics and the Bingo charts on your iPhone’s screen, you are in for quite the gaming treat.


Blackjack Casino Games Icon

If you want to play an iPhone casino game that is just as fun and as challenging as the real thing, you may want to really consider Blackjack. In addition to offering superb graphics and very realistic sound effects, some of the iPhone blackjack games you will come across will even let you indulge in some advanced play. That said, you should definitely save yourself a trip to the casino and load up the game on your phone instead. It will be totally worth it.


Craps Icon

Unlike many other casino games, Craps revolves around a single player which means that playing the game on your iPhone will feel almost as fulfilling as it would be on the floors of a retail casino. In fact, thanks to the beautiful screen and the powerful speakers, Craps offerings on the iPhone do a very good job of emulating the thrills and excitement of a brick-and-mortar casino.


Keno Icon

Just like in the case of Bingo, Keno will certainly be much better if you have a device with a much larger screen since a lot of information is displayed on the screen at once. This does not necessarily take away from the experience especially if you have great eyesight and can easily make out numbers on the chart. Besides, with iPhones screens becoming bigger, this should not be much of a problem anymore.

Pai Gow

pai gow poker icon

This is a pretty simple game but it took a lot for it to be adapted well for the iPhone. With all the work that has gone into various variants of the game, players are assured of very familiar gameplay. It will certainly appeal to iPhone users who would like a straightforward yet fun and engaging casino game.


poker icon

Should you play poker on the iPhone? Yes, absolutely! It is safe to say that this is one of the most popular casino games for iPhone users. With tons of great options available, you will not need to look too hard to find a poker offering that suits you. Many operators are coming so close to perfecting the layout and optimizing poker games for iPhone.


roulette icon

Owing to the immense popularity of roulette it was only logical that it would be one of the first games to be brought to the iPhone. Years of hard work have made it possible for roulette lovers to enjoy an increasingly stable and fast roulette experience. You will have no regrets once you dive in.

Sic Bo

Sic bo icon

This is a very popular iPhone dice game, something that is not too surprising. Many of the available Sic Bo games are able to take full advantage of the device’s screen. Things might seem a little too cramped up on older iPhones with the relatively smaller screens but this is not too much of a big deal for the modern big-screen phones. You should really give it a try.


Real Money Slots Icon

Slots on the iPhone are mind-blowing, to say the least. Crisp graphics and the realistic sound effects aside, the available iPhone-compatible slot game work flawlessly as they are able to completely take advantage of the powerful hardware. Once I got started, there was no looking back.

Video Poker

Video Poker Icon

Video poker on my iPhone felt just as rich and optimized as it did on my desktop. Despite the fact that everything needed to fit on the smaller screen, I had no trouble making during the gameplay. The arrangement may differ from one casino to the next but the overall experience makes it easy to recommend video poker to anyone who is looking to enjoy some gaming action while on the go.

Free Casino Games for iPhone

Free iPhone Apps Icon

As fun as real money gambling may be, we are aware that you may be looking for just something casual and risk-free to pass your time. Thankfully, we have a few options for you to pick from. These include some very impressive free casino slot apps for iPhone as well as other popular titles. Even though they are free, these casino games and apps will keep you coming back for more due to their amazing designs and mind-blowing features.

Slots: Hot Vegas Slots Casino

If you are a die-hard for the online reel-spinning action, this free app lets you in on that at any time. It even works offline and new games are added or unlocked for you to keep playing. Try it out and begin your journey with a whopping 100 million Bonus Coins.

Bingo Heaven: Bingo Games Live

This beautiful app looks amazing on the iPhone but that is not the only thing going for it. It also packs some outstanding features that will make you enjoy Bingo like never before.

Video Poker Jackpot!

Immerse yourself in the best Vegas Casino style Video Poker that the App Store has to offer. With so many games to choose from, all you need to do is to pick one that tickles your fancy and dive in.

Baccarat Online 3D

Immerse yourself into a world of fast action baccarat that is defined by massive bonuses and crips graphics. It also performs exceptionally well.

Video Poker Casino Card Games

In addition to Jacks or Better and Deuces Wild, this iPhone casino app also offers a ton of bonus chips. In addition to that, it looks very nice and oozes of authenticity.

Blackjack 21!

No game offers the level of customization that this app offers and with its crisp graphics. Using this app is just like taking a trip to a real casino with the biggest difference being that you can play for free.

 Casino Roulette: Roulettist

Join millions of other roulette players from all over the world in enjoying this realistic roulette table that brings three-sector European, “double zero” American and French right to the palms of your hands.

Craps Master 3D

Watch as the dice roll on the table in this latest and greatest take on the popular Craps game. Thanks to improved physics, everything about this game looks very realistic which makes it very enjoyable to play.

Pai Gow Poker Casino

This app offers you so many features all of which are designed meticulously to keep you glued to your iPhone’s screen. It has a super friendly interface that is complemented by the existence of a ton of tables with lots of betting options.

Xtreme Slots

Touted as the world’s Favorite Top FREE Casino Slots Game!, this is one that you definitely do not want to miss out on. The characters of the game very fun and everything else is built to make the colors pop on your iPhone.