Las Vegas’ Moulin Rouge to be Revived for $1.6 Billion

Yet another casino and entertainment facility is set to go live in Las Vegas as a local developer is reportedly on the verge of reviving the city’s Moulin Rouge casino. The property which was the very first gambling house to allows people of all ethnic persuasions to enjoy its services has been left empty for decades. In fact, the only activity in the areas has been in its parking lot which has been hosting a mobile gambling facility every two years – as it turns out, this activity has been a strategic move to ensure that the facility is able to retain its permanent gambling license.

Now, a number of different developers have recently expressed their interest in reviving the casino. According to a report published on a local news outlet, Las Vegas Moulin Rouge LLC, one of the developers that is interested in the property, had been given until July 30 to deposit the sum of $9.5 million into an escrow account. This way, the developer would have officially have purchased the land before embarking on construction. After making the deposits, the developer is also required to prove that it will be able to cover the costs of the proposed casino project.

What the Project Entails

According to Las Vegas Moulin Rouge LLC, the proposed Moulin Rouge casino project will be carried out in three phases with the first two phases sets to cost the developer about $800 million. The third phase of the project is expected to cost $800 million by itself thus bringing the total amount expected to be spent on the project to a whopping $1.6 billion.

The first phase of the project will involve the construction of a 25,000 -square-foot casino, a 400-room hotel, an entertainment center, a restaurant as well as many other amenities. In addition to that, there are plans for the inclusion of a historical museum spanning 5,000 square feet and its purpose will be to showcase the venue’s eventful history.

For phase two, one of the most notable plans is for further expansion of the gaming floor. It will further involve the construction of even more retail and dining outlets and more entertainment options as well as a 1,000-room hotel tower. The convention center is also set to have 50,000 square feet added to it.

The third and final phase will be marked by the addition of a new mixed-used residential space. This will include more business offices, more retail space, and even a 12,000-seat arena. To achieve the objective of this final phase, additional property may be required and depending on how things turn out in that regard, the size of the renovation may not be exactly what we expect. Still, it is a great addition to the growing number of gaming facilities in Las Vegas.