Mt. Airy Submits Application for Beaver County Mini-Casino

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Last Friday, officials from the Monroe County-based Mount Airy Casino Resorts submitted a mini-casino license application to the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board. Mount Airy’s plans will turn the over 100 acres of barren land in Big Beaver into a multimillion-dollar mini-casino and entertainment complex.

According to the Times Online, a local news outlet, Mount Airy plans to launch its mini-casino in Beaver County in late 2019, a facility that is anticipated to feature at least 30 table games and 750 slot machines. The plans officially kicked off last August when the casino bought 100 acres of barren land just off Interstate 376 where the mini-casino is set to be constructed, if the gaming control board approves their license application, that is. By submitting the official application for the license, the developers confirmed that they have indeed begun the process for final approval before construction begins. The application also included sports betting and online gambling.

While commenting on the issue, Mount Airy Pittsburgh’s vice president of marketing and gaming operations, Vincent Jordan said that he and other casino officials are excited about the license applications as it marked the beginning of the formal process that is required for them to establish a gambling business in Big Beaver County as early as next year.

“While the due diligence process is underway, we’re enthusiastic about working with the community on job training and other partnerships,” he elaborated. “We are looking forward to communicating our plans and are appreciative of all the help and collaboration we have received from Beaver County officials.”

Mount Airy’s Operations in the Commonwealth

Earlier this year, Mt. airy won a mini-casino license after making a $21,888,888.88 bid – the terms for this license also stipulated that the casino could include up to 750 slot machines and 30 table games. For this project, the casino has even already begun discussions with workforce development and educational partners, a move that has earned the operator a lot of praise form the county board of commissioners who have been keeping a watchful eye on the developments.

According to Daniel Camp, the chairman of the country commissioners, the move is an indication of Mount Airy’s commitment and dedication to the project.

“It’s great to see another organization and business come into Beaver County who is willing to and will be a great neighbor to our community,” Mr. Camp pointed out. “I think them being here this early prior to breaking ground is a sign that shows the commitment to the community and the project.”

The PGCB to Review the Application

The mini-casino application that was submitted on Friday required Mount Airy to conduct a traffic study, local impact report as well as other forms of research, which is typical of the application process. However, according to the gaming control board’s spokesperson, it will be a few weeks before they release the application to the public for review. In the meantime, the PGCB staff will be reviewing the application for completeness while at the same time redacting any confidential information that it may include.