BetMGM Unveils New NHL-Themed Casino Games

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BetMGM, in an effort to boost interest in the National Hockey League among its audience, announced last Thursday the debut of a line of casino games with an NHL-themed twist in three states in the United States.

The operator will have the ability to utilize NHL trademarks and category names in various contexts as part of the terms. Through NHL-owned and -operated platforms, FanDuel and BetMGM will each get exclusive, branded content. They will have a number of possibilities for on-site activation and signage that will be visible to cameras at the NHL’s most high-profile events.

Players in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Michigan, as well as those in Ontario, Canada, will be able to access the NHL-branded online casino games through BetMGM’s mobile betting app. Gamblers in those locations may now choose from classics like roulette and blackjack as well as more recent additions like baccarat and the live Money Wheel game Dream Catcher.

What Makes the Games Stand Out?

Not only do the new releases have a fresh take on the genre, but they also have a wealth of other features. The NHL Blackjack table is set up within the arena’s sykbox, and the NHL Roulette outcomes and statistics are interactive. Additionally, NHL Baccarat and Dream Catcher provide a hands-on experience that is comparable to that of a casino game.

Last but not least, Dream Catcher has players wager on the number they anticipate the wheel will stop on, increasing the suspense via a range of multipliers.

“We are excited to broaden our relationship with BetMGM through the development of NHL-branded casino games, particularly when these new platforms allow us to deepen the connection NHL fans have to our sport in a more immersive and compelling way. We look forward to collaborating with BetMGM on other fan-centric efforts in years to come.”

NHL’s Vice President of Business Development, Jason Jazayeri

Every time a player clicks the “go live” button, they get to go onto the ice for the game. Live dealer versions of the games, complete with NHL and club insignia, are shown inside the rendered venue. Evolution Gaming, a supplier of live-dealer casino games, collaborated with us to create this innovative software.

Building on an Existing Foundation

The NHL and BetMGM announced the extension of their relationship for several years roughly eight months ago. BetMGM is now the league’s official sports betting partner. For them, the move was all about delivering “innovative content programming to connect with our passionate fans.”