Simplebet Announces Partnership with FanDuel for the NFL Season

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Renowned sports betting operator FanDuel is making the most out of the 2020 NFL season by partnering with Simplebet, an AI-powered gaming company. The one-year partnership that was announced by the sports betting operator about a week ago will allow its customers to make mock in-game bets on NFL matches.

As it stands, the partnership is still a mock trial and is primarily test out the offering before it is fully rolled out. Even so, the customers can look forward to a pretty wholesome experience when it comes to making bets on individual players and plays during the NFL games. The goal of the firms is to use the free game in the mobile app and the sportsbook to convert casual players into real money players.

For the initial one-year run of the partnership deal, Simplebet intends to solidify its position as a valuable partner for FanDuel. This will be the best way of having the deal extended and the AI company getting the go-ahead to install its technology for the sports betting company’s real money customers.

Engagement Driven Micro-Betting Opportunities

Simplebet has been working very hard to extend its footprint in the gaming industry and get its solutions to more customers. The partnership is thus part of the company’s wider ambitions to increase brand awareness in addition to collecting and utilizing customer engagement data as it grows its micro-market betting platform.

Their innovative approach is certainly bound to turn some heads. The technology powering the platform leverages the power of machine learning and automation in order to deliver fast betting opportunities all through the duration of any sporting event.

“We’re turning what typically used to be a handful of bets and traditional bets, like over-under and outcome-based bets, where you have to watch the whole game, into a series of mini-games throughout a game.”

Simplebet co-founder and CEO Chris Bevilacqua.

Simplebet is pretty excited about the future of micro-markers. The sector is expected to grow and accelerate rather quickly which means that now is the best time to utilize the existing opportunities.

FanDuel’s New Offerings.

The recent partnership that FanDuel has inked with Simplebet is just one of the many expansion paths that the sports betting and daily fantasy sports provider has been pursuing. It has been working very had on growing all of the verticals that it is offering. Recently, the company has added even more fantasy sports products to its massive portfolio. Best Ball and Daily Snake Drafts, the new additions, offer customers new and exciting ways of enjoying fantasy sports.

On a similar note, FanDuel has recently ventured into Illinois’ sports betting market thanks to a partnership with Boyd Gaming. The state’s nascent market is a great place for FanDuel to take its industry-leading solutions as it continues to make efforts to solidify its position as a leading gaming entertainment provider.